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Rude awakening and now back to reality.  Hope ya’ll had an epic week or days, off.  I don’t really think that week existed but according to my phone and calendar, it did.  I’m already counting down the days till the next break.

So while I got things done today I couldn’t help but notice my cats bundled up in various places.

Above is a pic of my younger bipolar cat, Jules.  He’s so rediculously crazy.

Above is Ash, he’s waiting to get pet.

He’s older and sweet but such a pushover. 🙂

 He’s waiting to get pet while I figure out ideas for a new music video.

Check out my cartoon storyboard skills for an upcoming Budian song.   Hmm, what could it be for?

So a few things before I go unload my laundry, I started up a new bandcamp page.  If you like any of our music, and want to hear some old to me new to you stuff, you should check it out.  I was just thinking this week how we have our music scattered all over the place but it would be nice to have one place that shows allll of it, even demos.  So I’m still working on it but hopefully it’ll be a good go-to place.

As far as youtube stuff goes, we’re still recording for the next cover which will be released on a new youtube page specifically for non related band stuff.  It’s called Janienerawrs.

If you wanna subscribe or check out more covers in the future, check out the new channel here

Ok, goodbye.


For one thing Texas seems to be pretty funny these days or at least seems to be creating a buzz around San Antonio.  Show your support and check out Scott’s new website that is now up and running.  His Label is featuring 4 bands including us, Yes Inferno, Pop Pistol, and Disco Wasteland. 

There are things that are ha ha funny and then there are things that are strange funny. 

I’d like to think the following link will clarify how the two can meet in the middle. 

Insider juice: (This is a new part of the blog that divulges some kind of juicy secret.)  So I’ve been wanting to change our band name for a while now but Josh won’t have it and I’d hate to think of all the thousands of fans we’d lose but if we could change our band name, I’d like the name puzzle dust.  So instead I just decided to name my new YouTube channel puzzledust11.  It’s a d.i.y. craft channel that I indulge in every once in a while when I’m in a funny mood.  I know no one will ever really look at it so I have fun making videos.  If you have any craft idea requests, please don’t hesitate to send em my way.