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Brainstorms are brewing in my head.

This week I completed another song.  It took me by suprise how fast I got it done.  So I’m taking advantage of this down pour and working up my next song.  I wrote all my songs out and cut out 7 from my list of 19 songs.  I didn’t realize I had that many sitting on the back burner but there they were.  Which leads me to my next question.  What will I name this next album?

Anyhoo, Alex is still rocking out with side projects and is excited as he embarks on his new job.  Josh just cut a couple of trees down in our front and back yard.  Scott, he seems pretty busy with Texas is Funny stuff.  Have you checked out his label?  Go take a listen and give em a thumbs up.  So we’re all pretty busy but I’m hoping we can get together and fit another little jammy jam session soon.  We’ll see.

Been getting this song stuck in my head.  Argh…


Imagine the scene, a band playing in a park (in San Antonio TX) on a 100 degree day while bikers and cars pass by as we fake play/lip sing to one of our songs.  It was defintately one of those days that we won’t forget.  And while I probably won’t ever do that again, I hope that music will continue to make our lives even more interesting.