Good things are happening.

If you got to tune in to 90.1 fm last Thursday, you may have recalled hearing our new song.  WOO!  I was celebrating with pizza and a drink and dancing inbetween bites.  Teehee.  I was suprised to hear that the host of the show said they were glad to recieve new music from us cause apparently our other album was “getting played to death” on the station.  (Alex said naw, people were dying cause it was boring them to death.) Lol.  Anyhoo, so I’m pumped to get some more music out there.  I started recording a new song today and am hoping to get it done soon.

So I’ve been enjoying playing and covering songs.  Jus chillin.  I’ve been trying out my vocal processor just for kix and giggles and it’s sooo much fun!  I feel like Imogen Heap but not as cool of course.  I recently covered a song with the processor and will be letting someone else release it for me on youtube.  They asked if they could put it on their channel with other singer/songwriters so I thought, sure why not 😉  So I’ll post that on the “friend face” page.  Lol. (Anyone watch the IT crowd?)

So I’m thinking if I get all these songs I have stored in my head recorded, then why not have a celebration for having completed them, right?  Sounds logical.  And I thought, well it’d be great to have it at a big enough place for everyone to come and why not just play a few songs considering the occasion, right?  But no more shows.  Lol.  Ok, so maybe we’ll do a release show next year.  But just one….maybe.  Lol.  We’re just gonna play it by ear.

So I’m excited cause we’ve been getting lots of views on our last music video and need only 4 more people to subscribe before we reach 100!!  Woo.  I wanna do something special.  So as usual, stick around and thanks to ALL for the great support.  😉


A walk down memory lane

Those were the days….

This first picture was taken at our first show back in 09′ I believe.  We performed in the Best Buy music center and invited all of our friends and family.  I forgot my guitar used to be red and that Josh used to play it in a few songs.  Lol.

Here are a few random ones from the past couple of years.

Ooy Coo Cooy.  This place  below was called Super happy fun land but it wasn’t really that fun.  It scared me!  This was like an old warehouse that had a big stage in front with old theater seats.  It reeked of smoke and when you walked in there were tons of scary dolls looking at you and a spaced out girl playing the Euk.  Weird.

Another Best Buy show… “You don’t know what you’re made OF!!!!” (During Break it down)

So we did a few shows and took some “yeah we’re cool” band pictures.

and then some not so cool ones too…

And don’t forget that crazy winter tour we took!  I still can’t believe we drove and parked in New York with our huge van and trailer!  That was insane!  Oh and I’ll never forget the night Josh and Scott left thier debit cards in Milwauke and had to drive all the way back and missed the fun in Chicago.  What a crazy time we had.

We’ve played some good shows, met some amazing supportive people, had some good laughs, annoyed the heck outa each other during hours of painstaking practice sessions,  but most of all made music and we were so glad you could join us for the ride.  Keep checking back all week for new daily blogs (and some never before seen footage) as we count down the days for our next big musical release!  We can hardly wait!!!!! WOOHOO!

Can you believe this beautiful weather!?  Are you taking advantage of it?  Nah, neither am I.

So here’s some good insider stuff worthy of checking out…

This first one is by an up an coming artist named Mandy Cook.  So good.

If you’re like me and like watching random interesting facts, then you’ll love this. VSAUCE!!   (

MXC’s Most Extreme Elimination challenge!  It’s a dubbed over show that used to come out on Spike Tv.  Oh, how I miss those days.  Here’s the best takes from season one.  The show “Wipeout” has nothing on these guys.

And one more for the ladys who like the smooth voices.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?  Um, maybe if I’m doing a puzzle at my grandma’s house.

Brown copper kettles and warm woolen mittens?  Hmm, maybe if I live in the Ingalls house.

But brown paper packages tied up with string? Yes, I’ll take one of those.  Thank you.

This is one of our favorite things.  This week we recieved a package in the mail from a very awesome fan.  In it was his guitar with the request of our John Hancocks.  (Which by the way, he has been known for his large and stylish signature on the United States Declaration of Independence, so much so that the term “John Hancock” has become, in the United States, a synonym for signature. )

Anyways,  we were pretty smitten like whiskers on a kitten!  So much so that it motivated me to get back on the horse and finish out my ride.  Sorry, getting a little caught up in the whole Prairie scene.  Hmm, that sounds like it could be a new trend.  Bonnets…I’ll have to look into it.  (Ugh, I get off topic sooo easily.)  So we are getting together this weekend to rekindle some Budian magic.  So with that said, we would like to thank Kenny Ortiz for being such an awesome fan and for giving us a reason to get back together and get things rolling again.   Check him out:

This was just about the only video I found about a bonnet on youtube…

Let’s bring em back!

(Btw, Josh and I are working on the mix down for our music video.  Can’t wait!)

I wish it could say dollar but the word music and dollar don’t ever fit into the same line…well unless I’m a rapper.  Sigh…

Anhoo, let’s get to updates.  Alright, if you can believe it, I already finished the music video.  Yeah, that was a week ago.  Now I’m adding finishing touches to the music but that seems to be taking a rediculous amount of time.  Talk about micro manage.  I’m beginning to understand why people in our band look at me like that.  I’m thinking of telling myself “It’s just not gonna work out.”  But I don’t know how to let myself down easy.  Ah, who’s in a rush anyways.  It’s not like all of our thousands of fans will be so upset.  Pfft.

Time for some random shreds.  Ta ta for now… (By the way, I don’t mean epic guitar meedly me shredding, I mean dubbed over music crap.)

(Just skip to 1:30)

Budian does exist.!/wearebudian

And now on to some important sites….

Wah wah.

So I’m deciding on which video editing program I’m going to get but hopefully I’ll start on the music video this week.  It’s either sony vegas or adobe premier. Hmmm.

By the way, check out our song on this Blogger’s site.





What a world what a world.

What the HECK is up with the heat?  I felt like spongebob in Sandy’s dome.  WHAAAATER!!

Yesterday I was determined more than ever to finish the tracks on our new song.  In my mind I’m like, yeah I can knock that out fast.  Two tracks, and a few vocal harmonies should be a piece of cake.   Headphones, check, michrophone pop filter, check…wait what’s that loud buzzing noise I hear?  Oh the air conditioning unit.  I’ll just turn that off.  The torture sets in.

Amidst the heat and smelly cat litter, I survived and with good tracks to show too.  Now for the mixing.  Soon the song will be done!