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A small triumph – October 26th 2009 I started our Youtube page and I was excited to find out we now have 102 subscribers!  To celebrate, we are going to get together next Friday and will be making a video as a way of saying thank you for all your support.

It was a nice way to start 2012.

As for new Budian music, well, it seems to be on hold.  Yes, a hold on a break.  Lol. There are new songs that I have already started recording but Josh needs to add drums.  In the mean time I’ve been playing around with my cubase program and keyboard so I decided while I’m waiting on Josh,  I’d  start a new side project where I can let all of my crazy experimental  ideas turn into crazy experimental songs.  Lol.  So I initially wanted to name it Laserwolf.  Ever since I saw Fiddler on the Roof, I loved that name and never forgot it.  Unfortunately, the name was taken by another band. Booo.  So I played around with other names for the project and came up with Dandewolf.  It’s girly enough and I got to keep half of my original name.  I released my first song yesterday.

Take a listen here: Branded

Come visit Dandewolf!!!!  Here’s the facebook page:   Dandewolfmusic

We’re gonna get our dance on, you should too!  2012 here we come!


Rude awakening and now back to reality.  Hope ya’ll had an epic week or days, off.  I don’t really think that week existed but according to my phone and calendar, it did.  I’m already counting down the days till the next break.

So while I got things done today I couldn’t help but notice my cats bundled up in various places.

Above is a pic of my younger bipolar cat, Jules.  He’s so rediculously crazy.

Above is Ash, he’s waiting to get pet.

He’s older and sweet but such a pushover. 🙂

 He’s waiting to get pet while I figure out ideas for a new music video.

Check out my cartoon storyboard skills for an upcoming Budian song.   Hmm, what could it be for?

So a few things before I go unload my laundry, I started up a new bandcamp page.  If you like any of our music, and want to hear some old to me new to you stuff, you should check it out.  I was just thinking this week how we have our music scattered all over the place but it would be nice to have one place that shows allll of it, even demos.  So I’m still working on it but hopefully it’ll be a good go-to place.

As far as youtube stuff goes, we’re still recording for the next cover which will be released on a new youtube page specifically for non related band stuff.  It’s called Janienerawrs.

If you wanna subscribe or check out more covers in the future, check out the new channel here

Ok, goodbye.

A walk down memory lane

Those were the days….

This first picture was taken at our first show back in 09′ I believe.  We performed in the Best Buy music center and invited all of our friends and family.  I forgot my guitar used to be red and that Josh used to play it in a few songs.  Lol.

Here are a few random ones from the past couple of years.

Ooy Coo Cooy.  This place  below was called Super happy fun land but it wasn’t really that fun.  It scared me!  This was like an old warehouse that had a big stage in front with old theater seats.  It reeked of smoke and when you walked in there were tons of scary dolls looking at you and a spaced out girl playing the Euk.  Weird.

Another Best Buy show… “You don’t know what you’re made OF!!!!” (During Break it down)

So we did a few shows and took some “yeah we’re cool” band pictures.

and then some not so cool ones too…

And don’t forget that crazy winter tour we took!  I still can’t believe we drove and parked in New York with our huge van and trailer!  That was insane!  Oh and I’ll never forget the night Josh and Scott left thier debit cards in Milwauke and had to drive all the way back and missed the fun in Chicago.  What a crazy time we had.

We’ve played some good shows, met some amazing supportive people, had some good laughs, annoyed the heck outa each other during hours of painstaking practice sessions,  but most of all made music and we were so glad you could join us for the ride.  Keep checking back all week for new daily blogs (and some never before seen footage) as we count down the days for our next big musical release!  We can hardly wait!!!!! WOOHOO!

I wish it could say dollar but the word music and dollar don’t ever fit into the same line…well unless I’m a rapper.  Sigh…

Anhoo, let’s get to updates.  Alright, if you can believe it, I already finished the music video.  Yeah, that was a week ago.  Now I’m adding finishing touches to the music but that seems to be taking a rediculous amount of time.  Talk about micro manage.  I’m beginning to understand why people in our band look at me like that.  I’m thinking of telling myself “It’s just not gonna work out.”  But I don’t know how to let myself down easy.  Ah, who’s in a rush anyways.  It’s not like all of our thousands of fans will be so upset.  Pfft.

Time for some random shreds.  Ta ta for now… (By the way, I don’t mean epic guitar meedly me shredding, I mean dubbed over music crap.)

(Just skip to 1:30)

What a world what a world.

What the HECK is up with the heat?  I felt like spongebob in Sandy’s dome.  WHAAAATER!!

Yesterday I was determined more than ever to finish the tracks on our new song.  In my mind I’m like, yeah I can knock that out fast.  Two tracks, and a few vocal harmonies should be a piece of cake.   Headphones, check, michrophone pop filter, check…wait what’s that loud buzzing noise I hear?  Oh the air conditioning unit.  I’ll just turn that off.  The torture sets in.

Amidst the heat and smelly cat litter, I survived and with good tracks to show too.  Now for the mixing.  Soon the song will be done!




Imagine the scene, a band playing in a park (in San Antonio TX) on a 100 degree day while bikers and cars pass by as we fake play/lip sing to one of our songs.  It was defintately one of those days that we won’t forget.  And while I probably won’t ever do that again, I hope that music will continue to make our lives even more interesting.


What do all these things have in common?  An epic music video. 

It’s that time again.  Starting July 16th, we will be filming a new official Budian music video for the one of our newest songs, “Forest for the Trees” that we are hoping to release on our next album.   I’m planning on taking some video for sneak peak band vlogs for our Youtube page.  So stick around.  It’s gonna be good!