Good things are happening.

If you got to tune in to 90.1 fm last Thursday, you may have recalled hearing our new song.  WOO!  I was celebrating with pizza and a drink and dancing inbetween bites.  Teehee.  I was suprised to hear that the host of the show said they were glad to recieve new music from us cause apparently our other album was “getting played to death” on the station.  (Alex said naw, people were dying cause it was boring them to death.) Lol.  Anyhoo, so I’m pumped to get some more music out there.  I started recording a new song today and am hoping to get it done soon.

So I’ve been enjoying playing and covering songs.  Jus chillin.  I’ve been trying out my vocal processor just for kix and giggles and it’s sooo much fun!  I feel like Imogen Heap but not as cool of course.  I recently covered a song with the processor and will be letting someone else release it for me on youtube.  They asked if they could put it on their channel with other singer/songwriters so I thought, sure why not 😉  So I’ll post that on the “friend face” page.  Lol. (Anyone watch the IT crowd?)

So I’m thinking if I get all these songs I have stored in my head recorded, then why not have a celebration for having completed them, right?  Sounds logical.  And I thought, well it’d be great to have it at a big enough place for everyone to come and why not just play a few songs considering the occasion, right?  But no more shows.  Lol.  Ok, so maybe we’ll do a release show next year.  But just one….maybe.  Lol.  We’re just gonna play it by ear.

So I’m excited cause we’ve been getting lots of views on our last music video and need only 4 more people to subscribe before we reach 100!!  Woo.  I wanna do something special.  So as usual, stick around and thanks to ALL for the great support.  😉