I wish it could say dollar but the word music and dollar don’t ever fit into the same line…well unless I’m a rapper.  Sigh…

Anhoo, let’s get to updates.  Alright, if you can believe it, I already finished the music video.  Yeah, that was a week ago.  Now I’m adding finishing touches to the music but that seems to be taking a rediculous amount of time.  Talk about micro manage.  I’m beginning to understand why people in our band look at me like that.  I’m thinking of telling myself “It’s just not gonna work out.”  But I don’t know how to let myself down easy.  Ah, who’s in a rush anyways.  It’s not like all of our thousands of fans will be so upset.  Pfft.

Time for some random shreds.  Ta ta for now… (By the way, I don’t mean epic guitar meedly me shredding, I mean dubbed over music crap.)

(Just skip to 1:30)