No not the “turn the other cheek” orchesrta hip hop black eyed peas song, I’m talking about the smooth fro wearing Roberta Flack/Don Hathaway combo sensation “Where is the love.” 

So go ahead and click here and listen to this song while you read this message. or this one works just as well,

It’s time we get intimate and reach deep down within the depths of our souls so we can reveal the love we’ve been meaning to share together for so long. 

What the heck?  Sorry I’ve been listening to a lot of Roberta Flack.  Anyways, I’m gonna start posting some inspirational blogs that will help us to feel motivated to do some good during the week.  Even if it’s just a little spark of an idea, isn’t that all it takes to get a good fire going? 

Why?  Well, I realized sometimes I find inspiration in connection with music in the strangest places.  Whether it’s if I hear a new song that lifts my spirits, reminds me of a good happy memory, keeps me on my toes, or just makes me feel good, I find not only how theraputic it can be, but also how inspiring it can be as well.  Which leads me to my first question.  If you had a sountrack to your life right now, what would it be?  Or even just a song?

I’ve been really loving Brook Waggoner’s “young people.”  It’s just very inspirational and I’ve been feeling a calm steady beat over the past couple of days.  What are yours?

Extra goodness for today…Well, here’s a picture.  This used to scare the crap outa me when I was little. 

“People who have no hopes, are easy to control.”

(ps. a new cover is coming up on youtube!)