Everybody dance now.

So I’ve been loving me some good dance tunes lately and it’s been inspiring me to write some dance music myself.  I’m gonna reach deep with in the depths of my soul…wait that’s what I’ve been doing already.  Maybe I just won’t try so hard.  This should be interesting.

What’s everyone doing in the band? Well, as far as I know, Alex was on a business trip in Philidephia, I believe.  He is a professional Moby dancer.  Scott is visiting grandparents in Louisina soaking up the rays.  Josh has been busy at work fixing computers and I have been changing up my days with baby sitting, painting, and violin instruction.

I wonder what our minions of fans are doing.  Hmmm.

Juicy juice is gonna move ya….The taste is gonna move ya.  Remember that song?  So today’s tidbit of the day is we are secretly named Kissyboots and secretly have thousands of fans!!!!!  It’s like Hannah Montana but cooler.  It’s true. If you go to Tristan’s and Scott’s house, and play Rock Band, you can see we defeated the game.  Now on to defeating life as Budian….

Psst. Keep watch for a new requested video of Get Up coming up on Youtube in the next few days!!!