I see the word “contest” and generally keep reading on.  I don’t think I’ve ever won one but I guess that would require entering one for that matter.  So slap a stick on me and call me a sucker cause I finally did it.  I got word about a contest by a fellow youtuber who said they enjoyed one of my songs and asked if I have considered entering the yobi.tv contest.  I thought, maybe this guy’s a sponsor or something but he wasn’t.  So I thought ah what the heck and entered it.  It’s been almost two days since I entered it and have received a little over 8,000 views!  If you wanna vote, check out this link http://yobi.tv/yobising/contestant/15913/scoobiedooby/hark-back to vote for me.  If not, eh it’s no biggie.