A small triumph – October 26th 2009 I started our Youtube page and I was excited to find out we now have 102 subscribers!  To celebrate, we are going to get together next Friday and will be making a video as a way of saying thank you for all your support.

It was a nice way to start 2012.

As for new Budian music, well, it seems to be on hold.  Yes, a hold on a break.  Lol. There are new songs that I have already started recording but Josh needs to add drums.  In the mean time I’ve been playing around with my cubase program and keyboard so I decided while I’m waiting on Josh,  I’d  start a new side project where I can let all of my crazy experimental  ideas turn into crazy experimental songs.  Lol.  So I initially wanted to name it Laserwolf.  Ever since I saw Fiddler on the Roof, I loved that name and never forgot it.  Unfortunately, the name was taken by another band. Booo.  So I played around with other names for the project and came up with Dandewolf.  It’s girly enough and I got to keep half of my original name.  I released my first song yesterday.

Take a listen here: Branded

Come visit Dandewolf!!!!  Here’s the facebook page:   Dandewolfmusic

We’re gonna get our dance on, you should too!  2012 here we come!


Two weeks off!!  WOOO!  I’m gonna make them count.

I was hoping to start off with a completed video/song of a cover that Hailey Carmona sang and played guitar to but unfortunately my program was giving me problems and most of my violin tracks got squished so I had to rerecord a lot of them.  Booooo.  But I’m almost done with the song and I’m hoping I can edit the video soon.  In the mean time, check out the teaser clip 🙂

Creep – radiohead cover by Hailey Carmona

After this, I’m getting back to finishing another song called “On and On.”  I need drums and bass though and maybe guitar.  You know what that means….PRACTICE!  And what a better time than now, while it’s cold and rainy outside.  I can see it now, I’m in my house shoes, my hot cup of coffee on top of my keyboard, ordering everyone around.  I need to work on that. But really, it’s always nice to hear something you orchestrated live.

Moving on to to other music related topics, Josh and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the regional high school orchestra at Taft on Saturday.  I was so proud of my student.  Afterwards we were both pumped and are already working on new challenging pieces for Solo and Ensemble.  If you get a chance, I would highly recommend planning a trip to the Symphony.  I realized a part of me came back when I heard them play on stage.  It’s kinda like a shock to your senses.  You won’t regret it!

Lasty, I will leave you with a few amazingly wonderful songs that I LOVE.  But you don’t have to take my word for it. Dun nun dun. (Reading rainbow)

Thao with the get down stay down – know better learn faster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DydELvXu10c

This is a great one if you’re cold and want to chill to a lovely fire.  Ooooooh so good.  Sigh.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9lrVZdaluk


My niece asks me all week “What day is today?”  In other words, is it fun Friday?

Recently, I’ve been trying to get our band stuff organized but because I tend to work on it whenever I have a chance, I decided to try posting everything on Friday.   So this Friday and hopefully from here on out, I’m hoping to post either a video or song.  So grab a cup a joe and check back every fun Friday for an extra little yay time.  Let’s see how long this lasts!



An interesting week…

I was captivated by a cheeto shaped mustache

and just when I thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, Josh got a call from Scott, our bassist, asking if Josh could help him out cause he was stranded with a busted tire.  Poor Scott had run over the back of a car seat on the high way!  Unfortunately Josh was in the middle of solving his own car problems so I said I’ll save you Scott!  I put on my cape and house shoes, grabbed my bike pump and drove over to inspect the damage.  Scott laughed when he saw my tiny hand held air pump and so we grabbed his at his house and began filling the tire.  Sigh.  It didn’t work.  To make a long story short, we ended up having to borrow a spare and after a long and tiring effort, (neither of us had much experience changing a tire) he was able to get it to Discount Tire.  Whew!

As far as music stuff goes, we have a new cover we will be releasing on our new channel hopefully by this weekend.  I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with his wailing/meedley me skills.   It’s also got jazzy violins and raw vocals.  Keep an eye out for it this week on my new channel www.youtube.com/janienerawrs

I was also honored to record Hailey on guitar and vocals singing one of my faves which I hope to be releasing soon too!

At the end of the day, I decided to just go ahead and join a hair band.

Rude awakening and now back to reality.  Hope ya’ll had an epic week or days, off.  I don’t really think that week existed but according to my phone and calendar, it did.  I’m already counting down the days till the next break.

So while I got things done today I couldn’t help but notice my cats bundled up in various places.

Above is a pic of my younger bipolar cat, Jules.  He’s so rediculously crazy.

Above is Ash, he’s waiting to get pet.

He’s older and sweet but such a pushover. 🙂

 He’s waiting to get pet while I figure out ideas for a new music video.

Check out my cartoon storyboard skills for an upcoming Budian song.   Hmm, what could it be for?

So a few things before I go unload my laundry, I started up a new bandcamp page.  If you like any of our music, and want to hear some old to me new to you stuff, you should check it out.  I was just thinking this week how we have our music scattered all over the place but it would be nice to have one place that shows allll of it, even demos.  So I’m still working on it but hopefully it’ll be a good go-to place.  http://budian.bandcamp.com/

As far as youtube stuff goes, we’re still recording for the next cover which will be released on a new youtube page specifically for non related band stuff.  It’s called Janienerawrs.

If you wanna subscribe or check out more covers in the future, check out the new channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/Janienerawrs

Ok, goodbye.

New song!  Wooo!

Click here to listen

Free slow release album!  Wooo!

That means another free new song will be released soon!  Wooo!

New video cover soming soon! Wooo!

Vacation time!  Wooo!

Ok, that’s enough wooing.

Hope you guys had a nice break 😉


Brainstorms are brewing in my head.

This week I completed another song.  It took me by suprise how fast I got it done.  So I’m taking advantage of this down pour and working up my next song.  I wrote all my songs out and cut out 7 from my list of 19 songs.  I didn’t realize I had that many sitting on the back burner but there they were.  Which leads me to my next question.  What will I name this next album?

Anyhoo, Alex is still rocking out with side projects and is excited as he embarks on his new job.  Josh just cut a couple of trees down in our front and back yard.  Scott, he seems pretty busy with Texas is Funny stuff.  Have you checked out his label?  Go take a listen and give em a thumbs up.  So we’re all pretty busy but I’m hoping we can get together and fit another little jammy jam session soon.  We’ll see.

Been getting this song stuck in my head.  Argh…